Simplifying Institutional RWA Access: TRES Integrates with Provenance Blockchain

CEO & co-founder @Tres Finance
August 22, 2023
Integration partner:
We're excited to announce that TRES has integrated with Provenance Blockchain, the leading decentralized blockchain purpose-built for financial services with over $8 billion in real-world financial asset (RWA)

Financial institutions and fintechs are increasingly adopting blockchain technology and digital assets, with already $0.3 Trillion USD in tokenized financial assets locked value on-chain. That number is estimated to grow to $16 Trillion USD in tokenized real-world financial assets by 2030. As more institutions and fintechs operate on blockchains, including Provenance Blockchain, they require institutional-grade tooling to manage and monitor their multiple digital wallets and digital assets.

Bringing the Full & Accurate Picture to Tokenized RWAs

TRES' Financial Data Lake (FDL) solution offers the critical financial workflow necessary for financial institutions to thrive in the tokenized asset industry. With our new partnership and integration with Provenance Blockchain, we're specifically focused on offering institutional-level services, from reconciliation and balance calculations to audit and reporting, TRES delivers the full and accurate picture for any tokenized asset activity, be it a cryptocurrency or a real-world tokenized asset.

“With our integration with the Provenance Blockchain, TRES Finance is now providing financial institutions with the necessary tools to effectively manage and monitor their tokenized asset activity,” says Tal Zackon, CEO & Co-Founder of TRES Finance.

“We are proud to collaborate with Provenance Blockchain, bringing some much needed maturity to the rapidly evolving landscape of real-world tokenization and blockchain technologies.”

The Leading RWA Blockchain Network

Purpose-built exclusively for the financial services and insurance industry, Provenance Blockchain is the blockchain of choice for both established and emerging institutions and has played a key role in several financial services firsts, including the first blockchain-native consumer loans, first asset-backed securitization on blockchain, and the first bank-minted tokenized deposits in the U.S. Provenance Blockchain is leveraged by more than 70 leading financial institutions including Apollo Global Management, Hamilton Lane, and Guaranteed Rate, and innovative fintechs such as Figure.

“We’re excited to welcome TRES Finance to the Provenance Blockchain ecosystem.The digital ecosystem requires critical aggregation services like TRES Finance to make it easier to manage corporate treasuries and assets across multiple platforms and digital wallets,” said Joshua Maddox, Head of Developer Ecosystem for the Provenance Blockchain Foundation.

“TRES Finance offers one-of-a-kind, institutional-grade digital asset management, dashboarding and reporting capability that solve an important gap for financial institutions, fintechs, and entities and individuals managing a number of accounts, wallets and assets."

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